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Eritrea: Acs, in support of Eritrean Christians fleeing from their countries and persecuted in Sudan


From a totalitarian regime to an Islamist. This is the tragic fate of thousands of Eritrean Christians who are fleeing their country, and are forced to stop for several years in Sudan. For them, the Foundation ”Helping the Church that Suffers” (Acs) is committed to various projects, with particular attention to the young. Acs allows 1200 children to study and structure their faith. ”So they will not risk losing their Christian roots in an almost completely Islamic country like Sudan,” explains Christine du Coudray-Wiehe, head of Acs projects in Sudan, and at the same time will have a chance to build a future. ” Recently, a relief mission to the Church in Suffra has met some refugee families in the outskirts of Karthoum. Like that of Isaiah, who lives with his wife and children in a small hut covered with corrugated metal. It is one of the tens of thousands who escape the Eritrean regime each year, which, in addition to imposing on its citizens the obligation to provide military service for an indefinite period, persecutes Christians. To get to Sudan they had to pay $ 1,500 and they needed to get to Europe or America. ”I am completely at the mercy of the police,” Acs tells a volunteer working in a refugee camp. ”Agents arrive until they arrest them and then ask for a ransom for families. Christians face very difficult trials supported by their faith alone and can not even escape because if they return to Eritrea they would be imprisoned or killed. ”

By: SiR



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