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One, two, three, hoping! Eritrean refugees who celebrate a holiday in Eritrea may have all been sent away


One city councilor of Leefbaar Rotterdam is completely finished with the ”asylum charlatans” who abuse the generosity of the Netherlands for financial gain.

The Netherlands is a generous country that provides refugees a lot when they are no longer safe in their home country. That is, of course, a noble policy of our country, but unfortunately there are hope scammers who take a walk with our hospitality. Especially from the African republic of Eritrea, many asylum seekers come to the Netherlands, who then register in Ter Apel as refugee. However, they are not all, because every summer, many Eritreans book a great holiday to … Eritrea! Where they then enjoy untouched African sunshine.

Earlier, Rotterdam councilor Michel van Elck is now ready with the scourge of scammers who crams the taxpayer with money, and wants measures to eradicate all fraudulent Eritrean refugees:

My blessing has Van Elck, even though I raise my question about the effectiveness that a local politician can have on national (immigration) policy. Rotterdam is, of course, a big city, which places a lot of weight on the scale, but of course it remains a municipality that does not determine who is being deployed.

In any case, I hope that his research will be picked up by the protagonists, and we will be reading something in the government agreement in due course. Because there is asylum policy for those who flee for war and prosecution. Not for those who take a walk with our rules.





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