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How many of ours are like this?


No, I am not pointing at the injury, I am staring at the pride, the honor, being grateful.

How many of our Veterans are injured and forgotten by the system?
What will it take to dedicate one (1) day we will call “Eritrean Veterans’ Day”?

And what will it take for ALL of us to participate actively in creating such a day?

First Saturday/week-end of August is the date to mark. Please re-group and spend the day with families, community and tell about the creation of the Eritrean Veterans’ Day.

The time to go back home is closer than we believe and we need to walk in prepared to build a government that embraces all.

A Veterans’ Day is a peaceful day to honor ALL our Veterans and show unity.

Please, always remember our Martyrs and our Veterans.

I am grateful, Kiki Tzeggai


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