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Truck Sales to Eritrea in court

PAINTED YELLOW: Weapons Inspectors from the UN came load with military trucks all the way to Eritrea. Here they are photographed in Jebel Ali port in Dubai in 2012. Iveco purchased from the Danish defense, Scania trucks are purchased from the Armed Forces of Norway. The cars were painted yellow to give them a less military character. Photo: UN

Oslo (NTB): A machine acting as mediated used trucks from the defense of military dictatorship in Eritrea, will appear in court next week. One of the witnesses is his former Norwegian Eritrean partner.

According to Dagbladet there is considerable excitement to what Norwegian-Eritreans will tell in court. The two partners were in 2014 revealed by the UN Sanctions Committee on Somalia and Eritrea for conducting export of military equipment from Norway to Eritrea.
In February this year, they were fined 500,000 crowns each and confiscation of one million of each. None of them accepted the punishment at the time, but Norwegian-Eritreans have later changed their minds and accepted fine and confiscation.
His client does not acknowledge guilt, and has always maintained that he did nothing illegal by selling surplus equipment from the defense of Eritrea.

The case has been part of SCSCA treating Armed disposal of used and discarded military equipment in May. Force has received sharp criticism for its practices. (© NTB) 

Click Here to Norwegian daily news… FN mener kremmeren fra Kongsberg selger til skrekkregimet i Eritrea. Likevel tvinges Forsvaret til å selge ham norsk militært utstyr


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