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Today in the USA is Memorial Day , a day to remember the Veterans that paid the utmost price for their country. We – Eritreans – honor them.


From left to right standing are:
(1) wedi mietelka (2) Saleh Kekia (also in prison with Astier) (3) Tesfay (A doctor) (4) Merah mesrie (5) Suleiman (commissioner) (5) Astier (Commissioner) (6) “John” Yohannes (Doctor/founder of Snitna website) (7) Merah mesrie (8) Jameh (Merah mesrie).

Sitting at the front (Left to Right) are:
(1) Merah mesrie (2) Wedi Shumay (Merah ganta) (3) Haileab (Commissioner) (4) Idris manjos (Commissioner Martyr) (5) Fauzia Hashim (commissioner) (6) Tominer (7) Merah mesrie (8) Gerezgiher Jegem (Tomin, now Auditor General in Eritrea).

By Kiki Tzeggai




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